Are you getting enough Vitamin N?

Could you be deficient in ‘Vitamin N’?

By Rasmus Gyltnes


Have you ever been at home and felt trapped inside those four walls? As if your freedom and mood have been lost to an unknown force? This could be a sign that you are lacking Vitamin N.


So what is Vitamin N?

The term ‘Vitamin N’ is essentially a prescription for more time outdoors in nature! From my own experience, I know that when I’m feeling low, a sure way to brighten my mood is to get myself out of the house and into the mountains, forests or meadows and just breathe.


In my previous role as a Learning Disability Nurse, I would often encourage my clients to do the same. Supporting accessible ways for everyone to experience the outdoors. Examining a leaf, feeling the snow on your face or watching a magical sunset. As I saw others absorb the relaxation and positivity that come with exposure to the natural world, I too felt boosted, lighter and more at peace.

Caro and Rolf looking at the northern lights

When I began my role as Driver at Arctic Adventure Tours I could see the affect of Vitamin N on our guests. When I collect them from the pick up point in the city, I would have a group of excited but weary travellers. After the tour and returning the guests back I could feel the adrenalin, the passion and the delight over what they had experienced – dog sledding in the mountains of Kvaløya. When I drive the minibus for the Northern Lights Hunt the effect is the same. I have never seen anyone manage to stay grumpy when the aurora is dancing overhead. All you can do is stare, smiling or your mouth gaping in awe.



The more I experienced this and saw the effect of ‘Vitamin N’ on others, the more I felt inspired to learn about the benefits of the great outdoors. Authors such as Richard Louv have written titles including ‘Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder‘ and ‘The Nature Principle: Reconnecting with Life in a Digital Age‘.

“Whether it’s exercise, fresh air, negative ions, or unplugging from the grid, being in nature helps you slow down, calm down, and get grounded”. Louv


Louv also sites studies showing how spending time in nature helps those affected by ADHD, depression, anxiety, obesity, myopia, and the immune system.


The founders of Arctic Adventure Tours, Hege and PT have always had one main wish at the core of their business; to help others to experience this incredible Arctic environment. Whether dog sledding, whale watching or chasing the Northern Lights, here in Norway we are lucky to have such spectacular scenes, but of course everyone has a little ‘Vitamin N’ around them.


“Spending unstructured, focused time near trees, rocks, water, and wildlife is a good way to get a healthy dose of Vitamin N. When you take the time to do it, you’ll definitely feel the difference. And, once you do, you’ll want to go back again and again”. –Ann Todhunter Brode


Whether it is your local park, or even your blossoming window box, I encourage everyone to take a moment and give yourself a daily dose!


Arctic Adventure Tours, holding puppies
woman cuddling lead husky in dog sledding team in norway
Arctic Adventure Tours, Caro cuddling dogs at the kennel