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Volunteer position: Spring/Summer 2021

We are looking for an enthusiastic, hardworking volunteer(s) to assist us in building up a new summer kennel. (Couples are welcome to apply if you fulfil the required skill set between you).

You will need:

  • a good level of spoken english
  • building/carpentry and forestry skills
  • be both independent and enjoy working in a team
  • have a hardworking and enthusiastic attitude

What we can offer you:

  • an introduction to sled dog care and dog training
  • free food and on-site accommodation
  • 5 day working week
  • working outdoor clothes

Time frame and duration:

  • Minimum 8 weeks (so you can get used to the routines with the dogs)
  • Starting late March/early April 2021

What a day in the life may look like:
Wake up and grab some breakfast, before throwing on your ‘dog clothes’ and receiving a warm welcome from your new furry friends. Our morning routines with the dogs are always the same, feeding, cleaning, picking poo and preparing the evening meal. After these tasks are completed grab a well earned cup of coffee and discuss with your team the plan for the day. This may involve some dog training with the quad bike or wagons, building the new wooden dog houses, processing fire wood or working on general maintenance around the kennel.

We love to work with people who are efficient, passionate and see the funny side of life when things don’t always go to plan. You will be working alongside a team of other staff, and spending a lot of time together over the summer in a remote location. It is important that you enjoy the social side of things, and can get on easily with your team mates.

After a few hours of hard work, enjoy lunch with your team. This could be grilling sausages on the open fire outside (with a few furry faces ready to pounce if you drop any crumbs!) taking in the views of the spectacular scenery that is our ‘playground’ here in northern Norway.

We encourage our staff to eat together in the evenings, or you may prefer to pack a sandwich and take a hike up the mountain to watch the sunset over another tough but satisfying day.

To apply please complete the form: Spring_Summer_2021_Volunteer and send to us

Kennel Apprentice: Spring to Autumn 2021

We are expanding our team and are looking for several hardworking passionate people to join us. Our Kennel Apprenticeship is now running from Spring until Autumn 2021. If you are willing to learn, then we are excited to teach you! (Previous experience with dogs is an advantage but not essential).

You will receive a small allowance of 5000kr each month to cover your expenses. You will also receive holiday allowance and full health coverage under our company insurance. We can offer you staff accommodation at the kennel at a reduced rent of 500kr per month, you need to provide your own food.

You will need:

  • a good level of spoken english
  • be both independent and enjoy working in a team
  • have a hardworking and enthusiastic attitude

Added bonus if you have:

  • experience in driving tractors/quad bikes
  • carpentry/building skills
  • additional language skills
  • experience in animal care

What we can offer you:

  • full training into the running of a dog sledding kennel, animal care and welfare and sled-dog training
  • on-site accommodation (rent of 500kr per month)
  • 5 day working week
  • working outdoor clothes
  • use of a staff car (this does not include fuel costs)

Time frame and duration:

  • The apprenticeship runs from Spring until Autumn 2021. We welcome applications now to join us between February and May.
  • In Autumn time (early November), towards the end of your time with us, we will discuss the possibility of long term employment. (Employment is not guaranteed, however you will receive a reference stating all training areas covered in the apprenticeship).

What your experience may look like:

Start your training by getting to know the dogs at our kennel at Tisnes. This is our ‘home kennel’ where we run our day tours. It can feel daunting when you realise how many furry faces you need to get to know, and the name and story behind each husky. Once you begin to learn their names and personalities you start to feel at home.

In the Spring time we may still be out sledding to keep the dogs active, and running day trips. This means that staff are on top of keeping the kennel clean and running smoothly. You will be taught about feeding and snacking the dogs, how to prepare the meals and how to feed the dogs. This includes learning how to assess the physical condition of huskies by feel and understanding how the feeding program changes over the year with the level of activity of the dogs and weather.

Regular tasks like claw clipping, grooming and health checks will also be covered.

Later on, once you begin to find your feet, you may be relocated to one of the satellite kennels or training camp to expand your experience in a new setting.

We aim that by the end of your time with us, you will feel confident handling the dogs, recognising dog behaviour and body language, dog care and welfare as well as exercising the dogs both physically and mentally.

To apply please complete the form: Kennel_Apprentice_2021 and send to us


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