Weeklong Dog Sledding Expedition – Northern Scandinavia

Spring - Return of the Sun


7 days

from pick up to drop off

Group Size

max. 10

small group expedition



Northern Norway


Arctic Spring

late March to early May

Weeklong Dog Sledding Trip

What is included?

  Your own dog team

  Sleep under the stars

   Share your tent in pairs

  6 days of sledding

   Transport by minibus

   Experienced Arctic Guides

  Polar winter outer clothing  and footwear

  Hot drinks

   All meals whilst on the expedition trail

   Camping equipment

   Moderate fitness level is required

Read up on the itinerary, kit list and route by downloading our information pack

2023 Dates

WEEK 1: 31st March to 7th April – Limited Availability

WEEK 2: 8th April to 15th April – Fully Booked!

WEEK 3: 16th April to 23rd April – Good Availability

WEEK 4: 24th April to 1st May – Good Availability

2024 Dates

WEEK 1: 30th March to 6th April – Good Availability

WEEK 2: 7th April to 14th April – Good Availability


Please note, that dog sledding is physically demanding and a moderate to high level of fitness is required. We will provide you with all you need to stay safe and warm but remember your will be camping, so the comfort level is cosy but basic.


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We can arrange pick up either Tromsø International Airport (TOS) or from the city centre

Pick-up on Day 1 is between 11:00 and 15:00.


22 800 NOK

Please note, that your flights and your hotel stay on the final night are not included in the price of the expedition.

For more info check our FAQ below.

The deposit for this expedition is non-refundable. Please read our cancellation policy for more info.

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Read up on the itinerary, kit list and route by downloading our information pack


Dog sledding expedition in Norway


Join us on the experience of a lifetime!




Experienced Arctic Guide

PT, the Arctic guide

Expedition Camping, Norway

Dog sledding expedition in Northern Norway

Expedition Camping, Norway

Dog sledding expedition in the Arctic

Expedition Camping, Norway

Alaskan Huskies on the trip

Dog sledding expedition in Norway

Expedition Camping, Norway

Expedition in Norway, camping

Questions & Answers

What type of accommodation can I expect?

The first night is in our lavvus (Sami wooden tent with raised sleeping area) each lavvu has a wood burning stove to keep it extra cosy. The rest of the trip will involve sleeping in expedition grade 2-man tents and cabins. You will have limited access to toilets/showers during the expedition itself. Your last night will be in a hotel in Tromsø city centre.

What extra costs are there?

Your flights, travel insurance, personal expenses, drinks, snacks and your final night’s accommodation/meal in Tromsø. You may wish to also purchase extra lunch on your travel day back to Tromsø (budget 200NOK per person for this).

How big will the group be?

Between 8 and 10 guests. Our trips are very popular, so are usually sold out.

Can I book as a solo traveller?

Certainly! This is a great way to meet like-minded people. Guests will share tents in pairs (males together and females together).

Who else goes on these expeditions?

Meet people from all walks of life, solo travellers, couples, friendship groups all up for a challenge and with the desire to escape urban life!

What Fitness level/skill level do I need?

Come as you are! We welcome all fitness/skill levels, most guests have never been dogsledding before. Please remember that this expedition is an active and hands-on trip. Your guides will help you to look after your dog team and set up your camp but the more you participate the better your experience will be.

What is the dog sledding like?

You will be sledding for approximately 3-7 hours per day (with regular breaks). Stay focused on your dogs and the gangline, stay loose and relaxed, lean into the bends and enjoy the ride! Guests who have experience surfing, skateboarding or skiing will take to sledding easily.

What is the food like?

You will experience ‘real Norwegian’ food from traditional Scandinavian meals to modern trail ‘boil in the bag’ meals. If you have any special dietary requirements just let us know.

Will I see the Northern Lights?

As we sled through the remote mountains there is always a chance to be lucky and catch a glimpse of the Aurora. On days of bright sunshine and low cloud levels, when the night falls it is definitely worth popping your head out of the tent to check the sky!

What will the Weather be like?

The cold season lasts from early Nov to mid-March, with lows in January of around -10 degrees Celsius. In March/April/May you can expect temp of between 0 to 8 degrees Celsius. This means you can experience everything from snow, rain and sunshine all in one day!

What should I pack?

Download our information pack for a full kit list. Try and pack light, remember you and the dogs are the ones pushing your sled up the hills!

What travel insurance do you recommend?

We recommend that you have cover for overseas medical evacuation, baggage loss and that you are covered to take part in ‘adventure sports’ including dogsledding. It can be wise to also insure against incidents such as air strikes or delayed travel.


Do you have any questions?

Check FAQ or contact us if you don’t find your answer there



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