Our Story

How our adventure began

Hege & PT

Husband and wife team Hege and PT are a Norwegian couple living their dream. In 1999 they established Arctic Adventure Tours. Piece by piece they have built up their home and kennel, on Kvaløya near Tromsø, welcoming guests from all over the world. Their passion for outdoor life in the Arctic is infectious. They currently share their home with 200 Alaskan Huskies.

Hege always says:

I don’t have flowers in my garden, I have beautiful dogs in my garden!

Still nurturing the ‘family-feel’, the company also employs a number of professional mountain guides, dog handlers, drivers, skippers and boat crew. All as passionate and enthusiastic as the next, you can read about our lovely team below.

Hege and PT have experience from tours and expeditions in Norway, Svalbard, Greenland and even to the North Pole.

Expedition to the North Pole

Expedition to the North Pole

The crew with the puppies

Our Team

Meet our Arctic family

Arctic Adventure Tours Team, puppies

Whale watching on Orca Express, guide

Arctic Adventure Tours, puppies

Sophia, the team

Rasmus and Katie

Ivan and Hippo

Siim, the crew

Arctic, Alex

Fjord Cruise Tromso

Every season our team of passionate professionals from all over the world work together to provide our guests with fantastic wilderness experiences in Tromsø.

In 2019, we welcomed over 30 staff members into our team of guides, dog handlers, drivers, skippers and sales staff. Some staff continue to find their way back to us each winter and others may move on to new adventures after the season is over, however they will always be part of our Arctic Family. All of our staff are united by a passion for the outdoors and Arctic wilderness. Each season brings new adventures in this magnificent landscape.

Northern Lights Guide

Andrea with the puppies

Anna, Arctic Adventure Center

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