What is a Husky Wagon tour?

Husky Wagons, a fun alternative to sledding

By Arctic Adventure Tours

When operating outdoor tours in the Arctic, one is always at the mercy of the weather. Tromsø is a coastal city. They say that here in Tromsø you can experience 4 seasons in 1 day!

When the temperature begins to drop, both our staff and our dogs are looking up to the sky and waiting for the snow to fall. Usually this happens towards the end of October. The ground freezes, the snow falls, and then layer on layer it builds up to the perfect ground for dog sledding by early November. This is why we open up the bookings for our Self-Drive Husky Dog Sledding tours on the 1st November of every year.

Of course sometimes Mother Nature likes to surprise us!

In preparation for more climatic variation, we are offering our guests a ‘no snow, no problem’ alternative to our popular dog sledding tour. Swap your sled for a Troll cart and enjoy the ride!

This means that when you book a dog sledding tour with us, if the snow conditions are not safe or suitable for dog sledding, your tour will become a Husky Wagon tour instead. This is a self driven tour (2 guests per wagon), using 6-8 huskies per wagon. No previous experience necessary. Your guide will give a full demonstration of how to drive the wagon, with plenty of stops to swap between passenger and driver.


4 hours
from pick up to drop off

Small Group Size
2 – 12


Early Winter
(If no snow!)