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Dog sledding in Troms

Sled dog, Tromso


Dog sledding has always been on my bucket list, and these people made it HAPPEN. It was magic. I am so happy I chose this tour. (Lindsey, USA)

sami lavvu covered in snow

Without a doubt one of the best things we have ever experienced. (Darcelle, Australia)

Super happy dogs, friendly and helpful staff. (Dawid, Poland)

purple evening sky in the mountains with dog sledding teams on the snow

They are the best people out here for husky sledding, very professional, hospitable and cheerful! The dogs are amazing and love to work! (Saloni, India)

I just completed a week long expedition with Arctic Adventure Tours and it was the best thing I’ve done in my life! (Claire, UK)

Fulfilled a life long ambition to sled with a pack of dogs. Even now when I talk about it or think about it I smile from ear to ear. (Graeme, UK)

Top quality down to every detail.(Hanne, Norway)

Sled dogs

Best trip ever! (Kristian, Finland)

Warm and genuine service. A must do in Tromsø. (Grace, Singapore)

celebrating girl in red parka driving dog sled

The highlight of our trip to Norway. (Brian, USA)

One of the best experiences of my life! (Jared, USA)

boyfriend and girlfriend on winter holiday cuddle brown husky dog in harness

Would do it 100 times again! (Laura, Italy)

Amazing. Spectacular. Breathtaking. A once-in-a-lifetime experience…Driving your own sled is magical. (Colm, Ireland)

All people working there do love their dogs and it’s like in a big family! (Claudia, Germany)

Absolutely phenomenal, with amazing guides, spectacular views and once-in-a-lifetime moments… Incredible!!! (Sophie, UK)

The kennel, dogs waiting for the run

Great guides, amazing scenery and most importantly, the dogs just LOVED it! (Mel, Australia)

We took an evening dog sledding trip and it was beautiful and magical. With only the dogs in front of us and the stars and Northern Lights dancing above. A perfect evening. (Nicole, Switzerland)

Happy dog

Lovely owners guides and everyone involved were brilliant – thank you for a memorable time and a glimpse of Aurora Borealis too. (Sylvia, UK)

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Arctic Adventure Tours, little girl meeting the dogs after a wagon trip

Group around the Campfire with northern lights

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