How our adventure began

Hege & PT

Husband and wife team Hege and PT are a Norwegian couple living their dream. In 1999 they established Arctic Adventure Tours. Piece by piece they have built up their home and kennel, on Kvaløya near Tromsø, welcoming guests from all over the world. Their passion for outdoor life in the Arctic is infectious. They currently share their home with 200 Alaskan Huskies.

Hege always says:

I don’t have flowers in my garden, I have beautiful dogs in my garden!

Still nurturing the ‘family-feel’, the company also employs a number of professional mountain guides, dog handlers, drivers, skippers and boat crew. All as passionate and enthusiastic as the next. Meet our team.

Hege and PT have experience from tours and expeditions in Norway, Svalbard, Greenland and even to the North Pole.

Expedition to the North Pole

Expedition to the North Pole

Welcome to our home

Guests arriving at Arctic Adventure Tours always comment on the family feel of our kennel. This is because it is also our home. Having started out small, we have grown our business alongside our family. Our two (now grown up) children grew up playing with the small puppies in the summer and being wrapped up cosy and warm in their PJ’s to go out on evening trips with us at the weekends. Many of our staff we welcome back season after season, and they too have become part of our Arctic Family.

Operating Arctic Adventure Tours is an entire lifestyle, not a job. We live and breathe it 365 days a year, and love watching these little fuzz-ball puppies develop into the incredible athletes that will help you explore the mountainside.

20 year anniversary of business at Arctic Adventure Tours


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