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General Questions


How do I book a tour?

You can book all of our tours online. Just click on the ‘Booking’ button on the top right corner. Choose the your dates and your adventure starts there.

You are also welcome to contact us directly: or visit the Arctic Adventure Centre in Tromsø city (Storgata 78) where you can discuss your booking with our friendly staff.

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Yes, please email us at and we can create a bespoke gift certificate for you.

Do you offer any promotions or discounts?

We offer a discounted rate for students (with valid ID) on all of our tours. We also offer savings when you book multiple tours through our Packages-page. Please note, that we do not offer any kind of extra discount for groups

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Where are the pick up and drop off points and what kind of minibus do you use?

Our dog sledding trips and boat trips leave from the Scandic Ishavshotel in the city centre of Tromsø (Fredrik Langes gate 2).

For our Northern Lights Hunt the pick-up point is at the Arctic Adventure Centre (Storgata 78) also in the city centre. Please arrive at the pick up point 10 minutes before your departure.

We pride ourselves on providing modern 16 seater minibuses to transport you to and from your destinations. Our buses have USB charging points, DVD player and air conditioning.


Questions about husky tours


What level of fitness do I need?

All of our dog sledding tours are ‘self-drive’ which means that, in pairs, you will be in control of a sled and team of 5-7 dogs. Both musher and passenger will be physically active; balancing on the sled and kicking to help the team up the hills.

You will also need to walk 200m from the kennel out to the sleds where the dogs are ready and waiting.

Your tours are ‘self-drive’ but I don’t know how to drive my own team of dogs

You will be given a full demonstration by our guides of the equipment and how to drive your own sled. You are always welcome to ask the guide any questions before we start.

I do not want to drive my own dog sled; can I just be a passenger?

Guests are in control of your own dog sled in pairs, one as driver and one as passenger.

You will have multiple opportunities to swap between passenger and driver, however if you prefer to just be a passenger and your partner is happy to drive for the entire trip (approx. 90 minutes) then that is fine.

You will both take an active part in the tour, passengers help to balance the sled by leaning from side to side, and drivers help the team on the uphill by kicking and pushing the sled.

Is there a minimum and maximum age or any weight limit for the tour?

For safety, the minimum age for our daytime trips is 7 years old, for our evening trips the minimum age is 10 years old. Small children can get cold very fast up on the mountains, so we encourage parents to add extra layers.

We will also provide a blanket for your children to use. We do not have an upper age limit, however you do need to be able to actively take part on the sled. Please note that your time outside on the sled will be approximately 90 minutes, so for very young and older guests it is vital to wrap up warm.

There is no weight limit, as our dogs are very fit and strong and love to run, but you do need a base level of fitness to take part in the activity.

We always love to hear from you, if you wish to discuss any physical limitations with us please email

What is the size of the group on each tour?

We like to keep our group sizes small, so the maximum number of guests on each trip is 20.

What is your Animal Welfare Policy?

You can find our Animal Welfare Policy here. And also read several of our blog posts about the way we look after, train and use our huskies for dog sledding tourism. We do not sell dogs. We breed on carefully selected dogs and keep the puppies here at the kennel for their entire working careers. We do re-home some of our dogs on a case-by-case basis, always putting the best interests of the dog first. You can read about our retirement and rehoming stories on our blog.

man in black hat with two husky puppies

What type of dogs do you have and can guests touch and interact with them?

Absolutely, our dogs LOVE to meet everyone who comes to our kennel. At beginning of the tour, once you have your winter suits on, you are welcome to go outside and meet the dogs in the kennel.

Additionally, at the end of the trip you will have time to meet the dogs and the puppies and take some photos with them too.

All of the dogs at our kennel are Alaskan Huskies. These are a specially bred mix of Siberian husky, setter, pointer and border collie. Our dogs are all trained and used as touring dogs for guests and have many miles of experience doing their job.

I am scared of dogs, are the dogs aggressive?

You are welcome to join us on the trip even if you are not confident around dogs.

Our dogs are very used to meeting new people everyday and are all super friendly. Our dogs do not display aggressive behaviour towards people. Typical behaviour you can expect is the dogs seeking physical contact with you, they may push up against your legs for petting/stroking, bark and make little excited noises, or jump up.

You can choose not to interact with the dogs during your experience, but we cannot ensure that dogs are kept completely away from guests during the trip. Please make it known to the guides how you feel and we will do our best to make sure you still have a great experience with us.

We have our own car; can we drive directly to the kennel?

You are welcome to drive yourself to the kennel. If you choose to drive yourselves we cannot offer you any discount on the cost of the trip as the passenger spaces are pre-booked and paid for in advance.

Please select ‘Driving Own Car’ when you make your online booking. Please note the adjusted arrival times for guests arriving with their own transport.
For 09:00 tours, please arrive at 09:20 at the kennel,
for 11:00 tours, please arrive at 11:20 at the kennel
and for 13:00 tours, please arrive at 13:20 at the kennel.

What should I wear and what should I bring with me?

We will provide you with both winter suits and boots (as well as hats and mittens if you don’t have your own). You will need to wear warm clothing underneath that allows you to be active. We recommend multiple layers such as woollen thermals with and thick woollen socks.

Bring your camera!

Sledding dogs

Is it possible to take photos on the tour and can I bring a tripod?

We certainly encourage guests to take photos during your adventure.

Please keep in mind this will be the passenger’s role on the sled, as the driver will need to concentrate on the trail!

You are welcome to bring a tripod for use at the kennel, however there is not enough time during the trip itself to set up advanced camera equipment and very limited space on the sled for luggage. Once back at the kennel you will have plenty of time for photos and to set up your tripod.

Do you have multi-day trips or expeditions we can join instead of just the day trips?


We run weeklong expeditions from the end of March to the end of April – read more about our Dog Sledding Expedition. Check out more details in the following link.

Dog Sledding Expedition

What happens if there is no snow or the weather conditions are bad?

Our dogs love the cold and snow so there aren’t many weather conditions where they don’t want to run, however Arctic Adventure Tours reserve the right to cancel the activity at any point for safety reasons.

We will of course offer you the options of an alternative tour, rebooking to an alternative date or a full refund if your trip is cancelled.


Questions about boat tours


Can we go out on deck to take photos?

Yes, the Orca Express has a 360 degree walk around deck. You are welcome to enjoy the view from inside the cosy cabin or outside in the fresh sea breeze. It can be difficult to get good photos at sea, but don’t worry, your guide will also take photos and send you them via email after the trip.

What if we don't see any whales, can I get a refund?

We have strong cooperative relationships with other companies running whale watching safaris. This means that we share our information on sightings and the activity hotspots. Of course these magnificent creatures are wild and free, so we can only take our best educated guess on where sightings will occur. With this in mind, we cannot refund guests should we be unlucky.

The weather forecast looks bad, will the trip still go ahead?

Your skipper will decide as early as possible if bad weather means it will be unsafe or uncomfortable to make the trip. In the case that we cancel your trip, then we will rebook you onto a new date or offer you a full refund. If you are worried that the weather is bad, but the trip will still go ahead, you are welcome to contact us to ask if you can swap to an alternative date. We will do our best to fix this for you, but due to the popularity and small group sizes, sometimes this is not possible.

I am nervous to be out at sea, is it safe?

The Orca Express is one of the only boats operating in Tromsø which has an enclosed cabin. This means that you can feel more comfortable and secure inside, and then pop out to have a look for the whales when you have arrived at the hot spot. We also provide all guests with modern insulated flotation suits. These will keep you safe and warm. Be sure to express any concerns or additional needs you may have to your guide at the beginning of the tour, or via email to us before your trip. We like to make sure everyone is comfortable, happy and well looked after.

How close will we get to the whales?

As a company, we work in agreement to the whale watching guidelines. This means that when we approach the whales, we will initially keep a respectful distance from them. Of course, these are intelligent and curious animals, so sometimes they will approach our boat, so you may get a closer view than you expect!

Can I bring my own snacks?

Of course you are welcome to bring extra snacks onboard, but remember you will be provided with a hearty stew, snacks and hot drinks during the trip.


Questions about Northern Lights tours


When is it best to see the Northern Lights?

The best conditions are when there is little to no cloud cover, and bright sun during the daytime, however the Northern Lights can be seen in most weather conditions between September and March.

How do I get back to my accommodation after the tour?

If you are staying on Tromsø island, then your driver will drop you off at your accommodation. If your accommodation is elsewhere, staff at the Arctic Adventure Center can assist you in booking a taxi before your tour begins.

If the prediction is bad, can I rebook onto another day?

You are welcome to contact us to see if there is a space on another date for your trip.

We do not charge to rebook you, however we cannot guarantee that there are spaces on every departure if you don’t want to go on the date you selected.

Unless your trip is cancelled you will have a good chance of seeing the aurora even if the prediction is low in Tromsø.

What should I wear and what do I need to bring with me?

We will provide you with both Arctic Suits and boots (as well as hats and mittens if you don’t have your own).

You will need to wear warm clothing underneath that allows you to be active. We recommend multiple layers such as woollen thermals with and thick woollen socks.

Bring your camera! Your guide can help you to set it up so you can capture the aurora on your adventure.

BRING YOUR PASSPORT – sometimes your search will bring you across the border into Finland.


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