What is Husky Painting?

A fun activity for the whole family!


You may be wondering what our dogs get up to when the snow is all gone and the sleds are put away for the summer months. Quick answer: well Husky Painting of course! This is when our furry friends get to use their brains instead of their muscles to practice becoming the next “paw-casso” doggy artist!

But they cannot do Husky Painting on their own, so we need your help!


Following the popular TikTok trend, #dogpaintingchallenge – now you can try it with our huskies!


First, the equipment

You will need a Husky Painting Pack! Inside each pack are paint brushes, a canvas, paints and an ice cream voucher to use at our cafe (puppy not included!) You can buy a single or double pack at our Open Kennel.

husky puppy family activity painting open kennel tromso

Next step, prepare your canvas!

Go crazy using all the colours of the rainbow, or stick to a specific theme. It is totally up to you how you want this artwork to turn out. Place the paints on the canvas, the more the better. And when you are ready cover the whole canvas in the protective plastic.

preparing dog painting challenge for husky

Add some ‘artistic motivation’ for your husky

To get your dog interested in licking the canvas, which gives the artwork its unique effect. Place the dog pate, bacon ost or peanut butter on top of the protective plastic. The more you use, the happier your paw-casso-pup will be to take part in the Husky Painting challenge!

summer dog painting challenge with huskies

Then comes the fun part!

Let your husky enjoy creating art whilst licking a tasty snack! Once you are happy with the effect, peel off the protective plastic, and voila! The artwork is complete!

husky dog painting artwork

Come and join Husky Painting with your family and friends this summer at our Open Kennel!