Whale Watching – Orca Express

 Tromsø Harbor – Skjervøy

25th October  – 15th January

[wp-svg-icons icon=”coin” wrap=”i”]  Price 2500 NOK

Whale Watching in Tromsø 

 At the end of October, the fjords around Skjervøy are filled up with millions of herring, swimming in from the Barents Sea to over-winter. This is the reason for the huge amount of whales visiting this specific area – they love herring. Orcas and humpback whales arrive to spend time hunting and eating herring. Whale watching is an unique experience in beautiful circumstances with marine mammals, birds, fjords and mountains of the north.  

Daily departures: 08:00 – 16:00
From: Tromsø Harbor – Direct route by boat
Meet up outside Scandic Ishavshotel
Only 12 passengers
Educated Arctic Nature Guides
Professional Skipper
Cruising speed: 20 knots

NOK 2500 Adult
NOK 2400 Student
NOK 2400 Child (7-12 years)
All inclusive, free wifi, hot beverages, guiding and photos of the day.


Onboard Orca Express

We start early in the morning to get the best light conditions. Our guide will meet you outside Scandic Ishavshotell at 07:50. Be on time as the boat will departure at 08:00. Your crew will be a professional skipper and a nature guide

The boat has a warm and spacious cabin with seats for everyone. It takes about 2,5 hours to reach Skjervøy area and you are welcome to relax, sleep and watch the view. Onborad Orca you can stay inside or at the back deck during sailing.

When we arrive Skjervøy you will be noticed by our guide. You will get information about safety and the whales, so you´ll be prepared for the whale watching on deck. We recommend and welcome you to use our floating suits ourside to keep warm, safe and comfortable.

The orcas and humpback whales are feeding in a large area, as the fjords of Skjervøy are both deep and long. As whales are moving fast and free mammals, we cannot garantee to find them everyday. Some days we´ll see both species or one of them, other days we might not find them. But the skipper and guide are experienced and will do their absolute best to find their feeding ground each day.

On Skjervøy – we´ll spend about 2 hours for whale watching. This is the really exiting part! We will search for the whales and try to spot them by their spout, fins or tails. The guide will teach you about the whales and let you get time for just admire their presence. After about 2 hours you’ll get a warm local made meal, and then we head back home.  

  • Daily departures: 08:00 – 16:00 (8 hours)
  • Meet our guide at Scandic Ishavshotel 07:50
  • Free wifi
  • 12 seats 
  • 50 feet cabin cruiser – made for coast conditions
  • Indoor, warm and spacious cabin
  • We serve a warm meal and you can enjoy sweet cookies
  • Bottle of still water, coffee, tea and hot chocolate included
  • 360° walk-around deck – perfect for photography
  • Professional skipper and educated Arctic Nature Guide with local knowledge and experience from Tromsø and Svalbard.
  • All maritime safety equipment: Warm floating suits are included for all, both adults and children (7-12 years)
  • Guide takes photos of the day – conditions can vary.
  • We recommend you to dress up with warm clothes, gloves and a hat.
  • If you know you get easily seasick, let the guide now so we can make the trip as comfortable as possible. As we are on sailing on the coast there will always be some waves and movement in the boat. 

But what about…

For our whale watching tours in Orca Express children from 7 years can participate together with an adult.
Through the dark season in Tromsø we always have some daylight or twilight during the days so we are able to watch the whales. We will spend time on Skjervøy on the lightest part of the day. But the light will make a challenge of clear photos on the darkest period.
The weather conditions will vary as we are entering the fjords and the ocean during winter time. Our skipper will evaluate the conditions before and during the tours and give feedback. This means that the skipper can make changes in the route or cancel the tour of safety reasons.
Be well prepared and check the weather forecast for your departure at yr.no
Orca Express is a stable and good boat with good view for all passengers. But people react differently to the movement of the ocean, so we recommend to take seasickness pills before departure if you know you might get seasick.

We do not recommend our boat tours for people suffering of back pain, problems with pelvic or pregnant women. If you  have questions about your condition, please ask.

If we have to cancel the trip before departure, you will get a full refund. Reasons for cancellation can be because of weather conditions;  strong wind and high waves. We will inform all of our guests in advance if a trip is cancelled. For any questions please ask: post@arcticadventuretours.no