Whale watching


Whale watching

Norway / Tromsø / Skjervøy         November – January        4 – 12

For the last 7 years from November to January, humpback whales and orcas have come into the fjords close to Tromsø to eat herring. But from last winter they changed their destination to Skjervøy, 55 nautical miles north-east of Tromsø and now they have arrived.

We will do our best to get updates from local fishermen, other boats and scientists from UiT to locate where the whales will enter this season. 

Marine mammals are of course wild and in their natural habitant, so we cannot guarantee to see them, but if we are as lucky as previous years they will be back in our fjords from about November. 

Orcas are often the firsts whales to arrive. They send out some scouts to check the fjords for herring and if its enough food for the pond, the rest of the family arrives and then the humpback whales follow. The fjords around Tromsø have been a place where these two species are hunting together.

We want to share these beautiful and amazing marine mammals with you. We want to teach and share stories about their behavior, migration route, menu, why of communication and life in the big ocean.   

1. The temptation for the whales in the Norwegian fjords are mainly herring

2. Norway is of the places in the world orcas and humpback feed together

3. You can spot the whales by their breaching – the spout, their fin, back or beautiful tail. 

But what about…


For our whale watching tours in Orca Express children from 7 years can participate together with an adult.


Through the dark season in Tromsø we always have some daylight or twilight during the days so we are able to watch the whales. We will spend time on Skjervøy on the lightest part of the day. But the light will make a challenge of clear photos on the darkest period.


The weather conditions will vary as we are entering the fjords and the ocean during winter time. Our skipper will evaluate the conditions before and during the tours and give feedback. This means that the skipper can make changes in the route or cancel the tour of safety reasons.
Be well prepared and check the weather forecast for your departure at yr.no


Orca Express is a stable and good boat with good view for all passengers. But people react differently to the movement of the ocean, so we recommend to take seasickness pills before departure if you know you might get seasick.

We do not recommend our boat tours for people suffering of back pain, problems with pelvic or pregnant women. If you  have questions about your condition, please ask.


If we have to cancel the trip before departure, you will get a full refund. Reasons for cancellation can be because of weather conditions;  strong wind and high waves. We will inform all of our guests in advance if a trip is cancelled. For any questions please ask: post@arcticadventuretours.no