Reindeer Sledding, Feeding and Sami Experience

Winter - in Wonderland


4 hours

approximately 3 hours at the camp

Group Size

20 – 30

group tour



25 minutes outside Tromsø city



13th November – 10th April

Choose between a longer or shorter reindeer sledding tour

What is included?

Reindeer sledding (short tour: approx 10 – 15 minutes on the sled, long tour: 25 – 30 minutes on the sled)

   Feed and interact with the reindeer

   Lasso throwing on a demo reindeer

   Explore the Sami camp

   Transport to and from the camp

  Singing performance of a sami ‘joik’

  Hot drinks inside the cosy Sami hut

   Warm lunch of ‘bidos’ (traditional Sami soup)

 Storytelling on Sami culture


Daily departure



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Radisson Blu Hotel

meeting is 10 mins prior to the departure time, outside the main entrance of the hotel


Please note, that this tour is run by our trusted partner company Tromsø Arctic Reindeer. Additionally, if you are late for the meeting time and miss the departure, we are unable to refund you.


Short Tour

1340 NOK

per adult


Short Tour

820 NOK

per child (6-12 years)

Long Tour

1640 NOK

per adult

Long Tour

920 NOK

per child (6-12 years)


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A close encounter with Arctic reindeer!

baby reindeer standing in the snow




Bidos, cookies and hot drinks are provided

Meet and interact with beautiful reindeer. Learn about Sami culture and listen to the traditional songs of the Arctic.

During the winter time the reindeer are brought back down from the mountains to the Sami camp. This is so that they have a good food supply and protection from the harsh arctic cold. It is during this time that you can meet these wonderful creatures up close. What better way to experience the arctic than feeding a reindeer by hand! Just a short drive from the city, you will be given reindeer food and can even take a lesson in lasso throwing (using a fake demo reindeer!)

Many of the reindeer are social and love interacting with people, so feeding them is a fun and exciting adventure. This is a hands on experience where you can interact with the reindeer and learn about the Sami culture surrounding them.

woman giving a lecture in sami lavvo tent with fire Norway

After meeting you at the pick up point, enjoy a short scenic drive out to the camp. From here, you will be directed to the wooden sleds, where your reindeer sledding adventure will begin.

Choose between a long (25-30 minutes on the sled) or short (10-15 minutes on the sled) tour when making your booking.

Afterwards, you will meet the reindeer and be given some food to offer to them!

There are approximately 300 reindeer at the camp, and several cosy Sami huts and tents for you to explore. You will be offered hot drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate) around the cosy campfire inside the Sami gamme (a traditional Sami hut). You will also enjoy a warm lunch of Bidos (a traditional Sami reindeer stew, veggie option available) and cookies.

Learn about the Sami relationship with reindeer through a lively storytelling session followed by a ‘joik‘ performance (a traditional Sami folk song)

After your visit you will be driven back on a scenic route to the city and dropped off at the Radisson Blu hotel.

large male reindeer with sunset background Tromso Norway

large white male reindeer grazing outside sami wooden cabin in Tromso


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