Mini Husky Hike

Summer - under the Midnight Sun


1 hour

enjoy our Open Kennel afterwards

Group Size

2 – 15

small group tour



30 minutes outside Tromsø city


12th June – 8th August

Saturday and Sunday

Hege Hansen owner of Arctic Adventure Tours, Kvaløya

What is included?

   Meet and interact with our friendly dogs

  Family friendly activity for all ages

   Exploring the Arctic in its summer beauty


   Book online, or pay on the day

   Free parking at the kennel

Please note, that you will be getting up close with our dogs and puppies, so we advise that you don’t wear fancy clothes! Also the hiking area can be wet, so bring waterproof hiking boots. If you need advice what to wear, please contact us This activity does not include transport from Tromsø city.

Daily departure



Looking for something extra special? Contact us if you prefer to take you husky hike under the midnight sun


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Meet at our kennel

meeting is 10 mins prior to the departure time for the hike


Please note, that if you are late for the meeting time and miss the last departure, we are unable to refund you.


200 NOK

per adult

170 NOK

per student

70 NOK

per child (4-12 years)


per infant (0-3 years)


Check out other activities at our Open Kennel

Summer fun in the Arctic

Open Kennel


Experience the Arctic summer with our friendly dogs!


Husky hiking, Kvaløya



Ice cream, hot and cold beverages available to buy at our cafe

Explore the Arctic in its summer beauty with man’s best friend by your side

Our dogs are very social, enthusiastic and loves interacting with people, so hiking with them is a fun and exciting adventure. This is a hands on experience where you can interact with our dogs and learn about a day-in-the-life of an Alaskan Husky.

Arctic Adventure Tours, puppies

When you arrive at our kennel you can meet the dogs and we will introduce you to your four-legged hiking companion.

We breed one or two litters of puppies every summer. These are our future sled dogs and are very loved and well cared for. Socialisation and interaction with our guests is a very important part of our puppy training, and also a very nice experience for both children and adults. Who can resist cute, fluffy and happy puppies?

After your hike enjoy exploring our Open Kennel and even join some other fun activities, such as Husky Painting.


Husky hiking, Northern Norway

What is a mini-hike?

Our mini-hike is perfect for families with young children, or people who do not have enough time to join our longer Husky Hike. We will take a gentle uphill route and stop for water breaks along the way. Explore the forest and mountainside with your furry-friend, and then head back to the kennel.


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Join our longer Husky Hike

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Arctic Adventure Tours, puppies

Puppies, Alaskan Huskies

Husky hiking, Kvaløya



Explore our Open Kennel

Husky hiking with puppies

Our dogs are so happy to meet new people, and really enjoy hikes with the whole family.


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