Fjord and Fishing Cruise onboard the ‘Orca Express’ – Tromsø

Spring - Return of the Sun, Winter - in Wonderland


Due to Corona, we are no longer taking bookings onboard the Orca Express.

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Fjord Cruise Tromso

Arctic Adventure Tours, Orca Express

Join us and explore the fjords of northern Norway!

Fishing in the fjord



Fishing equipment provided

Feel the fresh sea breeze on your face, take in the spectacular views of fjords, mountains and arctic wildlife.

In late January the returning sunshine marks one of the most beautiful times in the Arctic calendar. Take in the breathtaking views and perhaps you will even catch a fish or two!

Fjord Cruise Tromso

During your adventure we will stop and try our luck to catch some fish. You may be lucky and catch a Cod, one of the most common salt water fish in Norway. Norwegian Cod is known as Norway’s “white gold”.


Fjord Cruise Northern Norway


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Fjord Cruise Tromsø

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Fjord Cruise Tromso



Look out for seabirds

Whale watching on Orca Express

Fjord Cruise Northern Norway

Arctic Fishing

Due to the shortness of the days during these months, you will witness both sunrise and sunset whilst out on the water. This can also be a truly beautiful experience, and a photographers dream as there are two chances to shoot in the ‘golden hour’.


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