Dog Sledding Expedition 2019








26th April-2nd May 2019

7 days



DATES FOR 2020: 26th APRIL – 2nd MAY

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In the end of April the 7 days dog sledding-expedition starts. The route will be planned more in detail closer to departure because of local weather-and snow conditions, but we will explore the cap of the North.  This  expedition  is for people who dream about driving their own team of Alaskan huskies in the Arctic nature. People who wish to be close to nature by working hard during the day with their team of dogs on the sled, living outdoor in a tent and rest and sleep well in a warm sleeping bag.  People who want to have a good time, work for it and share an amazing experience with other adventurers. In the end of April we leave town and head to the wilderness with equipment, dogs, sledges and a big smile- the Dog Sledding Expedition 2018 finally heads off!

It´s no doubt that this is the ultimate Arctic adventure. The reason is simple – with your own sled and a team of huskies we go into the wild to discover, to experience and to live the Arctic dream. Do you dare? You don´t need any previous experience with dog sledding, because our guides will prepare you well with introduction to tent life, how to live outdoor in winter conditions, show you how to use the equipment and teach you how to ride the sled and work with the dogs. 

 NOK 16 000,-  Adult

#1      Dates will come:   Dog Sledding Expedition 2019   Tromsø-Norway

We will send out a full program to the expedition-members in advance.
Included in the price are following:

  • Transport – mini bus
  • Expedition leader and guides
  • Warm expedition jackets
  • Winter boots
  • Woolen socks
  • Hats
  • Mittens
  • Tents and equipment
  • All meals during expedition
We recommend our guests to dress well with warm under layers of wool and down. The Arctic climate can be cold, so if you are prepared  you will have a good experience by keep warm through the dog sledding. We also recommend you to wear a hat, mittens, scarf and warm socks. The out layer as suits, boots you will get from us. If you are unsure about dressing, don’t worry, we will make sure you have everything you need before you go out. 

Equipmentlist will be sent to participants in advance. 

  • Dog sledding with our Alaskan huskies is an active experience. The sled team consist of one person on one sled with a team of dogs. Alaskan huskies love to run and together with the team you have to help and push on parts of the tour. Team work is essential in dog sledding.
  • Because of the activity level, we do not recommend dog sledding for people with physical disabilities, back problems, pelvic problems or for pregnant women past five months.
  • Flight tickets are NOT included in the price.

Watch Video – Dog Sledding Expedition 2017


Per-Thore Hansen

Per-Thore Hansen

Polar Guide | Owner of AAT

PT is an veteran in polar expeditions. He’s been racing with dogs throughout Scandinavia as well as successfully leading a group to the Geographic North Pole. With over 30 years of experience in cold condition environments, PT is an experienced, highly skilled and good mood guy who will guide you safely through the Arctic nature.

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