Whale watching on the fjords

Humpback whales and orcas in Tromsø
Day tour NOK 1200

-Temporary put on hold-

Whale watching - Skjervøy

NEWS! For the last weeks, humpback whales and orcas have come into the fjords north-east of Tromsø for feeding on herring. We offer whale watching in RIB-boat from Skjervøy (bus transport from Tromsø city).   

Day tour | 1900 NOK

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Dog sledding in the highlands

An active, fun and adventures tour in snow-covered nature

November – March
Day tour | NOK 1750,-

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Hunting the northern lights

Aurora Borealis in the Arctic

September – April
Evening tour | NOK 1650,-

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Dog Sledding Expedition 2018

Become an Arctic adventurer and lead your own team of Alaskan huskies

7-days expedition | NOK 15 000,-

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Snowshoeing into the wild

An arctic micro-adventure - hiking in winter

February | March | April
Day tour | NOK 1100,-

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